The Sandgar Crisis is an event that started after Jace Norman Fan's demotion on The Loud House Wiki. The crisis began when American Titan was insulted repeatedly by Sandgar. Almost immediately, the mediocre IceCraft soon came in and sided with the graceful and very handsome American Titan. The incident soon escalated into an all-out conflict between users and the ugly beast.

Note: I intend this to be a satirical wikipedia-like page lol. Feel free to continue writing this article. fine nigga geez stop being so thirsty for my anti-sandgar cum.

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Background Edit

Unrest in The Loud House Wiki lingered even after JNF's demotion. The unrest triggered what was to be a significant event in TLH Wiki and eventually it lead to the creation of this wiki. Also, Sandgar is a meanie doo doo face. That is all.

Operation S.H.I.T Edit

A group consisting of American Titan, IceCraft, Veenster7, and later Emmaelise - created Operation S.H.I.T (Sandgar Hit Into Termination), to gather information about Sandgar after Sandgar revealed that he was the bitch to own all bitches. On New Years Day 2017, the operation became a success when Sandgar received an infinite block from the Loud House wiki and chat. The doo-doo face continues to bawl his eyes out through the wiki's Discord chat to this day, but that soon ended since Sandgar was eventually banned from The Loud House Wiki Discord. Typed Out Just Like Our Lord And Savior Nicholas. 🍆🍟😍

The War on the Wall Edit

Sandgar also went cuckoo on AnimationFan15's HTF wiki message wall but members of the operation group called the shithead out accordingly and made him officially give up his fight for good..........OR SO WE THOUGHT...

The South Park Archive Crisis Edit

Sandgar then went apeshit on the South Park Archive Wikia trying to get local Bureucrat Manicthehedgehog demoted but the Wikia stood together and saw off Sandgar.


The asshat eventually left wikia for good but still lingers on in discord.