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Welcome to my secret wiki mates, it only consists of seven people as of now Ryusd4567, Veenster 7, Icecraft87941, BlueKraid, SpacemanDoug, FfarquharEngine, and American Titan. Although more people may join in the near future. Now this wiki has transformed into a discord server, and is now more or less a shitposting server.


The wiki/server mascot.

Describe your topicEdit

This is a secret wiki created by ryusd4567 to have a private place to talk about or to post evidence for our missions.

I have vandalized here -Emma

you guys could do whatever you want - Ryusd

I just wrecked this section -Ice

I don't give a fuck!!! -Emma

House of horrors - Ryusd4567

Fucking hell Ryu. Was that needed? -Emma

Wait it's still not Halloween? - Ryusd4567 - SpacemanDoug

Latest activityEdit

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